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Eir / Vodafone / Sonicwall settings for NUACOM VoIP Service

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For optimal deployment of your Nuacom VoIP system, we highly recommend considering the following general firewall/router setup:

  1. Disable SIP ALG or SIP Passthrough features, if any. This ensures your firewall/router doesn't interfere with the VoIP system's signalling.

  2. Increase the UDP timeout to 100 seconds, if it is currently set to less than that. This ensures that your firewall/router doesn't prematurely close the connection between the Nuacom cloud and your IP phones.

  3. Set up VLANs to separate VoIP traffic from other traffic. This ensures that your VoIP traffic is separated and isn't affected by other traffic on your network.

  4. Set up QoS policies to give the highest priority to your VoIP traffic. This ensures that your VoIP calls are always clear and stable, even if other traffic on your network is congested.

Just to let you know, VoIP traffic isn't just limited to source or destination port 5060. There is also RTP (audio) traffic on a random, high-number port. To capture this traffic for QoS purposes, you must create firewall policies based on source and destination IPs or your preferred way.

By following these recommendations, you can ensure that your Nuacom service runs smoothly and optimally.






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Eir (former eircom) F2000 settings for NUACOM VoIP Service


Disable SIP ALG or SIP Passthrough feature (eir modem)





Vodafone Huawei HG658c Modem settings for NUACOM VoIP Service

Advanced -> NAT -> ALG

Un-tick Enable SIP ALG




Sonicwall configuration for NUACOM VoIP Service

Enable SIP transformations - set to OFF (Disable),

Enable consistent NAT - set to ON (Enable)




UDP session timeout set to 100 seconds





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