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Making Notes & Tags on the Desktop App

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Notes & Tags can be made during an ongoing call, or after a call is completed by the Agent/Extension.


For adding call tags in the IVR, please see - Call Tags in the IVR


To create a Note, press the NOTES button (Highlighted in Red)
and the notes tab will appear below.
notes can be anything from how the call went, a new potential client/customer or even for helping with customer support to follow up on a clients/customers query or problem.



You can also use call tags during a call or after a call has ended


To create a Tag, press the TAGS button (Highlighted in Green)
and the Tags tab will appear below 

Tags can be created and used to tag calls with specific purposes
(follow up, completed sales, etc.)



The call notes and tags can then be viewed at a later date in the call logs via the Nuacom Portal


(This example shows the colour coded tag from the call made earlier)


You can view the notes made, or add more notes by pressing the NOTES button (highlighted in red)


You can change or add additional tags by pressing the TAG button (highlighted in green)

please note - if you change or place additional tags, you mush refresh the page/call logs to see the new tags added to the call log




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