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Suspected Spam (HIYA)

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Has your phone number been reported as potential spam?




(Example of "suspected spam" call)




(Example of suspected spam on a mobile device)



  • On newer smartphone models, the device has an option to activate a special filter, this filter will allow the person called to accept the call, but the phone screen will show the person receiving the call the warnings seen above first.

  • On Samsung devices, this is called "Samsung Smart Call" provided by a 3rd company called Hiya.

  • To resolve this issue for future calls, please fill out the request form with Hiya at the link below.

  • there are also other systems built into smartphones and apps that mobile phone users can also download and install as 3rd party apps to show potential calls as spam if they are unknown or not registered with HIYA or the major networks in your country

  • (Truecaller, Whoscall, Robokiller, Youmail, CallApp, CallTransparency) are just examples of some 3rd party applications/systems that may be used on devices or as downloadable applications also.



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