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How to add or top up the SMS bundle

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1. Log in to the NUACOM customer portal.

2. In the top panel, select 'Mobile Text'

3. Navigate to SMS Top Up Tab

4. Select the package you wish to use 




5. If a card has been previously used, you can select this in the dropdown (highlighted in red)

    OR if you do not have a card setup, you can add a card to use (highlighted in green)

    once a card is selected, you can press the top up now button




PLEASE NOTE -the system has an auto top-up feature when the credit (SMS) gets below the selected number of messages remaining (shown in the example below)

if you do not want to top up the SMS bundle automatically, please select the Auto Top Up to NO




6. Once the top-up is successful, you can see the remaining SMS in the NUACOM Portal






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