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How to host a Call Conference

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NUACOM call conference can host multiple parties who can dial in from other networks.


Manage your conference rooms:

Log in to the Nuacom portal, then go to "Settings" -> "Call Conference".

Here you can create conference rooms and manage the Master and guest access PINs.



Using the call conference step-by-step:

  1. Dial-in number, please see the list below.
  2. Conference number, you find this on the portal as described above.
  3. Conference Master or Guest PIN. The first party to join should be the admin with the “Master PIN”, then anyone else can dial in with the “Guest PIN”.
  4. Once joined the conference you can press # to hear the menu options available to you. The admin who has logged in with the “Master PIN” has more controls available on the menu.


Admin Conference Menu Options:

#1 – Mute/Unmute yourself.

#2 – Lock/Unlock the conference.

#3 – Reject the last user.

#4, #6 – Decrease/Increase the conference volume.

#7, #9 – Decrease/Increase your volume.


User Conference Menu Option

#1 - Mute/Unmute yourself.

#4, #6 – Decrease/Increase the conference volume.

#5 – Not Supported

#7, #9 – Decrease/Increase your volume.


Global Dial-In Numbers (standard landline rates for the local caller): 

Dial-in from a NUACOM handset: 290








+ 55 (11) 32301539


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