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NUACOM Phone System | Essential network settings | Bandwidth

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When deploying NUACOM's cloud-based telephony system,

ensuring optimal network performance is crucial for a seamless user experience.

This article outlines the essential network settings required to enable the functionality of the NUACOM phone system.

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VoIP bandwidth requirements

The QoS (quality of service) and speed received from your ISP/broadband provider is crucial in ensuring clear communication on calls.


For Each device to have a clear conversation with no loss of audio, each device must have sufficient minimum download of 85kbps and upload of 85kbps simultaneously (170kbps total)

the amount of devices in use (IP phone / desktop app/ mobile app) must also be considered as this scales
with each device in use

for example, if you have 10 devices in use (IP phone / desktop app/ mobile app)
you will require around 1.7 Mbps of bandwidth.

please note - the speeds required above are for VoIP call only.
the network on your business also uses internet for browsing the web, using software tools etc.


also, ISP/broadband providers can in most cases, prioritise download speeds,
as they expect you to download more than upload.
when checking your internet speed, both download and upload are crucial for quality VoIP calls

while speed is important, how you connect is also crucial.


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