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NUACOM Phone System | Essential network settings | Firewall

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When deploying NUACOM's cloud-based telephony system,

ensuring optimal network performance is crucial for a seamless user experience.

This article outlines the essential network settings required to enable the functionality of the NUACOM phone system.

Please note we do no ask to open any ports on the firewall for the outside world.

Check out our network recommendations.

NUACOM Phone System | Essential network settings | Bandwidth



On your firewall:

  • Ensure unrestricted outbound and inbound access to the IP range associated with NUACOM's infrastructure:

To establish smooth communication between your network and NUACOM's servers, allowing outbound and inbound access to the IP range is essential.
UDP - 5060(sip), 10000-40000(audio).
TLS - 443.

  • Disable Session Initiation Protocol Application Layer Gateway (SIP ALG) or SIP Passthrough:

To prevent interference with NUACOM's VoIP service, disable SIP ALG or Passthrough on your local firewall, router, or modem.

This ensures that NUACOM's signalling remains intact and unobstructed.

  • Set UDP session timeout to a minimum of 100 seconds: Hardware phones only.
  • Audio bandwidth requirement - 128kbps minimum

For Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal,

NUACOM phones are configured to use sip option packets to keep the established firewall session open.


To enable incoming calls from NUACOM servers, please make sure that the UDP session timeout is set to a minimum of 100 seconds in your firewall settings.

This maintains an active session for seamless communication.

On your DHCP server, which may be your firewall.

  • Utilize DHCP for dynamic IP address allocation:

To simplify IP address management, it is recommended to employ Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for dynamic IP address allocation for NUACOM hardware phones.

This ensures efficient and hassle-free IP address assignments.

  • Access to

To ensure the proper functioning of NUACOM software applications(softphones),

please ensure that your network allows access to

This is essential for various features and functionalities provided by NUACOM applications.


By implementing these essential network settings, you can optimize the performance of your NUACOM phone system and ensure a seamless user experience. These settings facilitate efficient communication, minimize potential interruptions, and maximize the reliability of your telephony system.


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