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How to change your Voicemail Greeting

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Our system supports multiple voicemail inboxes per account. To access your voicemail, you simply press the Voicemail button on the handset if available or dial *71. Nothing could be easier! This will allow you to have better communications with your customers. With our voicemail service, you will never miss an important message.

Changing your voicemail greeting

Enter your voicemail as outlined above.

STEP 1 Press 0 (zero) to enter Mailbox Options

STEP 2 Press 2 to record your busy message.

STEP 3 Record your message and press hashtag (#).

STEP 4 Press 1 to accept, 2 to listen back or 3 to re-record or hang up to end.

If you wish to change the ringing duration before the caller is sent to voicemail, please contact our support team at 777.

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