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Record the Voicemail Greetings

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Nuacom system supports multiple voicemail inboxes per account.

To access your voicemail system, please press the envelope button on the right-hand side of the handset or dial *71.  

Recording your voicemail greeting

  1. Enter your voicemail as outlined above.
  2. Press 0 (zero) to enter Mailbox Options.
  3. Press 1 to record the unavailable or press 2 to record the busy messages. 
  4. Record your message and press hashtag (#).
  5. Press 1 to accept, 2 to listen back, or 3 to re-record or hang up to end.


Busy and Unavailable messages explained

The same voice mailbox can be used for calls after hours and during business hours when the call is not answered, for example.

The busy message is played in the following situation:

  • In a Hunt Queue and the "Timeout Action" is set to go to Voicemail 
  • Ringing time-out or busy for an internal call, DDI, or when the action in IVR is set to call an extension.

The unavailable message is played:

  • Under the "CLOSED / OUT OF OFFICE HOURS" section in the IVR and the action is set to go to voicemail


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