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Release Notes for the Nuacom iOS App

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Version v2.1.12(11) - 09 June 2024

New Features:

  • Call Notes & Tags on the iOS App. You can now add notes & tags during or after a call.
  • Focus On Dialer: Now when you open the app, you will land on Dialer. That will improve the loading time of the app and you'll make one less click to start dialing.


Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed an issue where adding a number as a contact after a call was not pre-filling the number as a contact detail.
  • Sometimes while calling, the caller was not able to listen to the dialing tone.


Version v2.1.11(1) - 24 April 2024


Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed an issue where pausing & resuming recording was not available.
  • Attended transfer was not working correctly.
  • When a network change took place during the call (eg. Wi-Fi -> 4G), the call had no audio.


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