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Permission requirements for the NUACOM Mobile App (ANDROID devices)

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PLEASE NOTE - brands such as Xiaomi / Huawei / Oppo / OnePlus may have their own proprietary operating system installed on their devices (MIUI & EMUI / HarmonyOS / ColorOS / OxygenOS)
which may not be fully compatible with the NUACOM mobile app as it has been built for Android devices.


PLEASE NOTE  - The Nuacom Mobile App is currently available for devices that operate google services 


NUACOM mobile app for Android is available on the Google Play Store


Below screenshots were taken using a Samsung Galaxy S10e running Android 12.
On other types of devices, the screens could vary.

Please select the options highlighted below in RED.


Please Note - the calling account is now no longer required from Android version 2.1.8 onwards




Screenshot_20240129_090117_Permission controller.jpg

This allows the app to use your microphone in calls





Screenshot_20240129_090122_Permission controller.jpg

This allows the app to use Bluetooth headsets (if you use one) on your mobile device





Screenshot_20240129_090125_Permission controller.jpg

This allows the app to make and send calls to the app




  • Some Android devices use "Battery Optimisation" which blocks the app from running any operation while not open in the foreground. This is causing issues when NUACOM is expecting to receive an incoming call. The "Battery Optimisation" should be allowed off for the NUACOM app.





  • Allow the app to display over other apps. This permission is required for the NUACOM app to display the pop up calling screen when it gets a new incoming call and while the screen is locked.

please note - From Version 2.1.8 this is no longer required 






  • If required you can reset the settings & check that everything is re-enabled





(Read Contacts are only optional and are not required for the app to run)



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