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Desktop app minimum requirements

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Nuacom desktop application (softphone) minimum requirements.





     Intel 32-bit and 64-bit

     Apple 64-bit Intel and ARM M1 and M2

Physical RAM

     2 GB of RAM available minimum

Hard Drive

     1 GB of available hard disk space for the installation


     800 x 600 or larger

Operating System

     Microsoft Windows 10 and later

     OS X High Sierra 10.13 and later

     Linux (in testing)

     Ubuntu 14.04 and newer (in testing)

     Fedora 24 and newer (in testing)

     Debian 8 and newer (in testing)


     HTTPS/TCP 443 -

     HTTPS/TCP 443 -

     WSS/TLS/TCP 443 -

     HTTP/TCP 443 -

     STUN/UDP 19302 -

     RTP Port Range: 10000-30000 UDP

Audio bandwidth


     128kbps minimum

*Network card

    *(recommended) Ethernet 100BASE‑T, 1000BASE‑T, 

     wireless (Wi-Fi)

**Audio input/output device,
Speaker and Mic

**USB is preferred, but a built-in jack of 3.5 mm and other standards should work not tested

*While the above is the minimum requirement for the app to run, we recommend using Ethernet instead of the WiFi network connection (network access method) for the best calling experience. This is to avoid possible WiFi interference in a very congested wireless spectrum.

**We recommend using a USB headset with noise-cancellation capabilities. This would significantly improve the user and especially the caller experience.






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