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Recording announcement from a phone handset.

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How to record announcements using your handset.


Note: To use this function, you must know the system PIN, which by default is 123456.

Please check your system code.

If you already know the number of the announcement you wish to record, then you can use a NUACOM handset without needing to log in to the portal. If you need to find the announcement number you are recording, you can log into the NUACOM portal and check the IVR Menu.

Announcement Recording

  1. Dial 266
  2. Enter the PIN
  3. Enter the announcement number (please note you need to know it or come up with it).
  4. After the beep, say the message and press # when finished (make sure you press # quickly to prevent recording unnecessary silence at the end of your message).
  5. The message will be played back to you and you will be asked to press 1 to save or 2 to re-record.


Announcement Playback

  1. Dial 267
  2. Enter the PIN
  3. Enter the announcement number

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