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Opening Hours Override Feature

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This is a handy feature which allows you to manually switch between open and close modes. This feature is useful if your business does not have fixed opening hours and you want to manually activate these modes. Please note that you activate the close mode, the system will override the current Opening Hours settings, which you can manage on our website.


Activate from the NUACOM Portal

Each IVR (Call Flow) has its own set of opening hours which can be customized individually.

  • Login into the portal and go to Settings -> IVR Menu

  • Select the IVR you wish to edit

  • Flick the button left or right for Opening Hours Override to change between modes.

  • When the button is set to closed, the system will perform the out of hours action until you switch it back on.


Activating Open/Close modes from a handset

To switch the system between Open and Closed modes for a particular IVR

  • IVR 1 - dial 269
  • IVR 2 - dial 268
  • IVR 3 - dial 270
  • IVR 4 - dial 271
  • IVR 5 - dial 272
  • IVR 6 - dial 273


  • *2X - Open/Close IVR - X = IVR number - Accepted Values (1-99)



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