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How to set up custom music on hold.

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By default, the Nuacom system has generic music on hold, you may want to have your own.

Here is how to set it up.

To add your own music on hold (MOH) you need to create a music class, this is like a folder where your specific MOH will be uploaded.

Please make sure you are licensed to use the music you are uploading, please refer to the IMRO website for more information.

Quick link to your announcements/MOH page here.

You can have multiple files uploaded into your "music class", they will play one by one.


Create your music class.


Name it accordingly.




Upload the media file by selecting the file on a local pc.


Feel free to use any format from the screenshot above, I personally use the .ogg format, it works for me every time.

Once again name the file you are uploading, it is handy to know what it plays in a few months time.


Click on the "Upload" button.

Now it will look like this.



Now you will need to set your music on hold destinations.

Queue (while waiting to be answered) or per extension (when placed on hold).



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