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Custom Time Rules & Public Holiday IVR Setup

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For more information please see - How to set up a call flow using the IVR system & IVR Explanation





Custom Time rules:

Additional/Custom time rules can be added when you know the company will be unavailable on certain dates, some examples of custom rules

  • Business is on a training day/week etc. in the future.
  • Company is on annual leave
  • Holidays outside of the pre approved public holidays (see below)
  • Unexpected Events




(In this example, company X is on annual leave for 2 weeks)

  • The Region has been set to the location of the business (highlighted in red)
  • Using the From - To Calendar button, The Date has been set for 14 days (highlighted in yellow)
    for when this custom time rule will be actioned 
  • The First Action has been set to play a pre-recorded announcement/message that will let people know the status of the business during the 2 week period annual leave (highlighted in blue)
  • The Second Action has been set to let people leave a voicemail on mailbox 75 if they wish to do after hearing the pre-recorded announcement/message from the first action
  • Once complete, click on the Save Rules Button



Action Options

  • Do Nothing
  • Play Message - Plays a pre-recorded announcement/message which is uploaded to the announcement portal or you can record or overwrite current messages
  • Dial Extension - Chooses a single extension/agent to call to
  • Join Queue - Joins a Hunt Queue for a particular group of extensions/agents
  • Go To Voicemail - Provides the caller to leave a voicemail within that voicemailbox 
  • Forward To - Forwards the call to an external phone number 
  • Go to IVR - Routes the call to another Call routing setup in your system




Public Holidays





PLEASE NOTE - when the public holiday slider is enabled, you must select the location where this IVR is based. this will show a list of public holidays of that country, you MUST select what the IVR will action during these days (see example above of xmas period 2022)


PLEASE NOTE - if a public holiday is on a weekend, the system will not include the next weekday as the bank holiday (Christmas 2022 in Ireland was on the 25th & 26th so the 27th was counted as a bank holiday also as the holiday fell on the weekend) 






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