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How to set up a call flow using the IVR system & IVR Explanation

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Call Flows are used with the IVR system, which is found using the following method:

  1. Log in to the NUACOM website.

  2. Navigate to Settings > IVR Menu.




Playback Ringtone


the duration of time you would like your callers to listen to a ringtone before the system responds with the greeting message








If a recoding or announcement is already recorded or uploaded, Select from the dropdown list
(highlighted in Green)

pressing the radial button (highlighted in red) will give you more options (more details in the section marked "how to setup a recording" below")

- PLEASE NOTE - in order to action a button press (press #1 for sales, #2 for support etc)

the message must be placed in the Open / Office Hours section (more below)





  • here you can add/record another announcement using a handset (highlighted in red)
  • playback / record / edit / delete current announcements (highlighted in green)
  • it will also show you which IVR is using that currently using that announcement (highlighted in orange)






Scheduled Opening Hours


Opening Hours Override:

  • Opening hours Enabled will keep the IVR open during the opening hours set by the scheduled opening hours (please see below)
  • Manually Closed will close this IVR and all calls going to this IVR will hit the Closed/Out of Hours action (please see below) 


Custom Time rules - for more information please see Custom Time Rules & Public Holiday IVR Setup


Additional/Custom time rules can be added when you know the company will be unavailable on certain dates, some examples of custom rules

  • Business is on a training day/week etc. in the future.
  • Company is on annual leave
  • Holidays outside of the pre approved public holidays (see below)


Public Holidays - for more information please see Custom Time Rules & Public Holiday IVR Setup


Once turned on, you can set custom actions which will be used during your country's pre approved public holiday list (in this example we used Ireland's public holiday list) and set the Christmas Announcement to be heard.



Scheduled Opening Hours

Days + Hours for when the business is open or when an IVR will be active



in this example the IVR will be open on the selected day from 09:00 > 17:00



A more custom time flow can also be created


in this example the IVR will open on the selected day from 07:00 > 13:00.
then reopens after lunch between 14:00 > 19:00, during the 1 hour lunch break the IVR will hit the closed/out of hours action set in the IVR (information below)





Open / Office Hours


  • Select the recording for the options message menu you wish to be played to the caller. If you do not have a recording ready, please follow the steps below. Otherwise, skip to 'How to set up press actions'

How to set up a recording


  • Click the radial button to begin the setup.

Click ‘+ Add New Announcement’ to add the greeting message. (All existing recordings will be shown below).




Edit Announcement

  1. Add the name of the announcement e.g ‘Welcome Message’.
  1. Add a brief description of the recording.
  1. You can record the message directly from an extension. Select the extension and click record message to begin.
  1. Alternatively, if you have a file of a recording you can upload it in this section.
  1. Once completed, click ‘Close’.


How to set up press actions




  1. For each digit, you can set up an action. In the example above the following recording relates to the respective number.

For example, the recording plays: “Press 1 for sales”, “Press 2 for support”, “press 3 for accounts”.

  1. Under the ‘First Action’ for the desired number, select ‘Join Queue’.
  1. Select the ‘Queue’ group you want to be forwarded to e.g ‘Sales’.
  1. This is now set to the digit. You can set up a ‘Second Action’ for example, you want the phone call to end if nobody answers in ‘Sales’- then select ‘Hangup’. There are multiple options here to suit what you are trying to achieve.

Wait for key press - if no choice is made by the caller, then you can set the amount of time before it goes to to the default action 



Default Action

Timeout before fall through action (applies when either no action is set up or the caller has not chosen any options to go to).

These options are as follows:

  1. Hangup
  2. Play Message
  3. Dial Extension
  4. Join Queue
  5. Play Message and Prompt
  6. Goto Voicemail
  7. Repeat Options
  8. Forward To
  9. Goto IVR
  10. Add a Call Tag (Call Tags in the IVR)




Closed / Out of Office Hours

Now the opening hours are set, you must set up what happens to calls during the closed hours.




  1. Set up the ‘First Action’ you wish to be taken when someone calls in.

The options are as follows:

  1. Do Nothing
  2. Play Message
  3. Dial Extension
  4. Join Queue
  5. Goto Voicemail
  6. Forward To
  7. Goto IVR
  8. Add A Call Tag (Call Tags in the IVR)
  1. In the example shown we have selected ‘Play Message’ which will play the recorded message we have assigned. After the message has been played, the ‘Second Action’ has been set to ‘Hangup’.

User Pressed

As a result of selecting the ‘Play Message’ as the ‘First Action’, we have been given another section called ‘User Pressed’.

Example: In the recorded message you can state that you are currently closed, however, if you would like to give them another option during closed hours you can set it here. the call recording can then say “Press 1 for emergency support”.

Now we have set up when #1 is pressed by the caller, the call will be forwarded to a number.

Select the best option that suits what you are trying to achieve.



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