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To ensure the best call-quality experience, please see below:

  • Ensure you select the correct audio device/headset within the app.
  • Desktop/Laptop settings match that of the Nuacom Desktop app.
  • The PC/laptop is connected to the network using a LAN cable, not WiFi.


If the settings are incorrect, you may encounter the very surround sound (noises from the office etc.) from your side to the customer.

Why? The app may use a laptop (where you are running the Nuacom app) mic, which is very sensitive and has no noise cancellation.



Just so you know - If you change/swap between different headsets, please check your settings are correct.



For Windows 10


(Example below is from a Windows 10 device with the agent using a Jabra Evolve 2-40 Headset)



Open the Sound Settings on the PC/Laptop by pressing the start/windows key and typing "Sound"






Open the Windows sound settings on your device and select the output/input (highlighted in RED)
to the default headset you wish to use.
Once complete, select the Advanced Sound Options (highlighted in Yellow)
In the Advanced Sound Options, select the output/input to the headset you wish to use as default.
For Windows 11
(Example below is from a Windows 11 device with the agent using a Jabra Evolve 75 Headset)
Open the Windows sound settings on your device, select the volume mixer in the advanced settings
Select the correct headset in the Nuacom Softphone
On the Nuacom Desktop App, select the Settings Wheel, then select the audio device
Under the audio device settings, choose the same headset you selected previously in the sound settings.
Microphone / Speaker / Ring Device needs to be the same.

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