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NUACOM Bullhorn integration setup guide

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Initial Setup & Required Information

To connect your Bullhorn account with Nuacom certain keys and tokens from Bullhorn are required. Reach out to Bullhorn support via Email or Webchat and request the following information:

  • Request from Bullhorn support to ENABLE REST API for your account
  • Once enabled, you should receive 2 tokens: Client_id & Client_secret
  • Please also ask them to provide you with the CLUSTER (REGION) information of your account
  • When asked for a Redirect URL, please give them the following address:

Once you have completed the steps above, you can continue with the configuration of the Bullhorn integration.




To configure the integration, log into the Nuacom portal and go to Settings > Apps and Integrations 01HBDZEJCJGZQCYF83VK78W90E Locate the Bullhorn integration, click on view/edit & then click on the Connect button.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 12.20.38.png

On connect the following window appears where you need to fill in your username and password. Please note that you need to use an Admin Bullhorn account.




Once you have logged in you need to fill in your cluster, Client ID, and Client Secret that were given to you by Bullhorn in the previous steps.

Clicking on submit, the app will connect and you'll be redirected to the integration settings page.



The first thing that you need to do is to map the users between Nuacom and Bullhorn. Once you have finished, you can click the Save Users Mapping button. Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 17.29.48.pngThe next thing you need to set up is the Call Data Sync rules for Bullhorn. You can choose to sync all calls, calls that have been landed in specific queues, and calls that have landed in specific numbers. For each choice, you have the option to include or not the call recording and also set up a specific Bullhorn task type.

Once finished, you can click on Save events.


ℹ️ Please note that calls are syncing as Tasks in Bullhorn. If a call contains notes and/or tags, the notes and/or tags are also synced as Notes to Bullhorn.


That's it!! You can now use the Bullhorn integration in Nuacom.

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