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How to add or remove a system/account user

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  1. Log in to the NUACOM portal. 
  1. Navigate to Settings > Users 
  1. Click the ‘+ Add New User’ at the top of the section.

Add New User Details




In this section, you can add all the details for the new user and allow access privileges for them.

Here you also assign the system telephone extension number to the new user, which will be linked to them when they login to the desktop softphone app.


Once you have added the relevant information and permissions, click ‘Create User’ at the bottom of the window.

The new user will appear in the list of the system users with the status "Email verification pending".

The new user receives the email from the system for email verification purposes at that point.

The email verification is complete after clicking on the verification link within the email from Nuacom.

At this point, the new user can attempt to log in to the customer portal or the softphone using credentials set or they can reset their password using a simple password reset procedure.





Editing a User


On this page, you can edit permissions, assigned extension number, etc, or you can suspend or remove any of the existing users.
Please note, you cannot edit the email address for the user, insted a new user must be created.


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