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NUACOM Pipedrive integration setup guide

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Initial Setup


  1. Log in to your NUACOM Account at NUACOM Web Portal.
  2. Navigate through the menu on the left side of the screen to > Settings > Apps and Integrations.
  3. Once within the Apps and Integrations section, you will see our other integration platforms. Under the Pipedrive section, Click on 'View/Edit' and then 'Connect'.

If already logged into Pipedrive

A new window will open for Pipedrive. Inside this window click on the button 'Allow and Install'.

If not logged into Pipedrive

If you are not signed into Pipedrive the window will open prompting you to log in before completing the connection to the Nuacom platform.





# Users mapping:

Once connected to Pipedrive you can now select and allocate the NUACOM 'Extension' with the 'Users' on Pipedrive.

  1. Click the drop-down menu under the NUACOM logo and select an extension.
  2. Under the Pipedrive logo, select the corresponding user for this extension.
  3. You can click on the "+" button to add the next row.
  4. Once all extensions are allocated to the corresponding users you can move to the next step: Call data sync.

# Call Data Sync:

In the Call Data Sync section, you can choose to sync all call events or only events associated with particular phone numbers or queues. We recommend setting it as for "All".

You can also choose to send the call recording to Pipedrive CRM (or not), together with the rest of the call data, with the call activity.



There are three options here.

- All: If you wish to monitor all phones.

- Number: If you wish to monitor a specific number.

- Queue: Setup in the Queue section, monitor all calls from a group of phones, for example, all Sales phones.


When choosing 'Queue' you may select the group you have already set up.

When choosing 'Number' you must select the exact number you wish to monitor.


Choose to record all calls or not

• Included
• Do Not Include

PS: do not forget to click on "Save". To close this modal, please click on the "x" on the top right, or just click outside the modal.


Uninstalling the Integration

Option 1:


After confirming the disconnection your calls will no longer be pushed to Pipedrive and all synced data will be removed from NUACOM database.


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