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Recording the System Announcements.

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NEW feature! How to record/create text-to-speech announcements.


One of the most popular features of NUACOM is the IVR (Interactive Voice Response), an automated pre-recorded voice menu (Call Flow). IVR interacts with callers, gathers information, and routes calls to the appropriate destination. It is an efficient way of handling high call volumes and providing round-the-clock customer service.

The pre-recorded messages in the IVR, which we also call "system announcements", can be one of the following types:

  • Greeting ..- the announcement that is played first. "Thank you for calling..."
  • Options.. - the message announces the menu options. "Please press 1 for sales... "
  • Out Of Hours.. - the message that is played after hours. "Sorry, we are closed; our opening hours are..."
  • Call Monitored.. - optional message played before the phone rings on the handsets. "This call may be recorded..."

Note: Please refer to this article if you wish to record voicemail greeting messages

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