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NUACOM Windows TAPI driver installation

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TAPI is a Windows technology that allows Windows desktop software to interact with telephony equipment.

So, we at NUACOM have developed software which allows you to integrate NUACOM with any Windows software that supports the TAPI interface. Using this software, you can do the following interactions: originate a call using click-to-call, receive a notification on an incoming call or hang up the active call. An example would be MS Outlook.

Currently supported system versions: Windows 7/10.


Before the installation, you must have a NUACOM username and password and an extension number linked to the NUACOM user account.

You can check what extension your account is linked to here: Settings -> Users -> Edit -> Role 

Please ensure an extension is assigned to the user.





1. Download and Install the NUACOM TAPI driver for Windows from here:

  • Download the 32-bit version here.
  • Download the 64-bit version here

After the installation, you will notice a new icon in the system tray.

Right-click the icon and click on Configure to open the configuration utility window.

Enter the Username and Password then press Configure.

If the credentials are correct, you should see the Extension field populated with the extension number that's associated with your account.

You also have the following options:

Handle incoming Calls - If this is on, the TAPI application will receive the call events of the linked extension. This allows for incoming call pop-up notifications in the supported software.

Local Format - When the setting above, Handle incoming Calls, is on, it will display the caller id in the local format (023456789), rather than international (+123456789).






Testing (optional)

A good method to test is using the Windows Dialer app.

  • Press Image result for windows button and type dialer then press Enter


  • Press Tools -> Connect Using... and select nuacom TAPI provider form the list



  • To test the outbound call, enter the number in the textbox and press the Dial button. If the call is successful, you should see the message Currently dialing: with the phone number and your extension should be ringing.


Another useful third-party app for TAPI testing is TAPI Phone Dialer from JulMar Technology, download here. Using this app, you can test the incoming call events as well.




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