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Assigning Multiple Outbound Caller ID's to Non-Admins

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This feature can be used for Non-Admin agents/users on your account using the NUACOM app who wish to use different Caller ID's/outbound numbers from your current list of phone numbers in your account.


PLEASE NOTE - the numbers you wish to use either need to be ported to us or you can request an additional number if you require one.


As an Admin, log into the NUACOM portal.
Navigate to Settings > Users




Press the Edit Button on the desired user 

In the pop-up screen, go to the section Non Admin permissions and select the numbers you wish this agent/user to have on their softphone to use as a Caller ID.
Click on Manage Numbers (highlighted in red)
next, select the numbers you wish to use from the drop down list (highlighted in blue)
finally, you can see the numbers selected for this user (highlighted in green)
Once you have added the numbers, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up screen and save your changes.




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