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Call Log Breakdown & Explanation (Via the Nuacom Portal)

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Within the Call Log section of the portal,

you can search by (but are not limited to) the following filters:

  • Date Range (see below)
  • Call Type / Direction (see below)
  • Call Duration 
  • Search by Extensions  
  • Search by Numbers
  • Search by Queues
  • Search by Call Tags
  • Search Through Notes (see Making Notes & Tags)
  • Search by Name

  • in each "Search by" dropdown, you search for calls based on the direction of the call:
    From or To (inbound & outbound calls)
    From (inbound calls)
    To (outbound calls) 

please note - after a filter is applied, please remember to refresh the logs
by pressing the refresh button



Date & Time Range


You can view calls from a specific Date or range of dates

after you have made your selection, press Apply




Call Type / Direction


you can apply the following filters when searching for a call:



Call Duration

you can search for a call based on the "Total" or "Connected" time


The "Total" time includes the caller hearing the welcome messages of your call flow,
how long the call was waiting to be answered and the duration of the phone conversation with an extension/agent

The "Connected" time is how long the call was successfully connected to an extension/agent




Search By Extensions

you can search for a call based on the extension that answered it



Search By Numbers

you can search for a call based on the inbound or outbound phone number




Search By Queues

you can search for a call based on what queue it came into





Search by Call Tags

you can search for a call based on call tags

see more here - Call Tags in the IVR



Search through Notes

you can search for a call based on call notes

see how to make notes here - Making Notes & Tags on the Desktop App






Search by Name

you can search for a call based on the name of the agent/extension or contact saved in the phonebook






Call Log Examples and breakdown



each call is broken down by the following criteria (from left to right)

  • Date - the date and time of the call
  • Connected - Call Duration if the call successfully connected
  • Total - the total call duration (this includes the length of the call, the length of time that the caller was in the IVR call flow & the length of time waiting in a queue to be answered)
  • Ext Answ - the agent/extension that answered the call
  • Queue - what queue the call came into




in this call log - Caroline called Christine and the call was linked back to the Hubspot Integration





in this call log - James called a number outside their location, so the call includes a Swedish flag 




Call Recordings breakdown
(note not all account use recordings)


Please note, you may not have the access to the call transcriptions feature since it is in the testing stage at this point.



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