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Using the Local Directory or Phone Book

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The local directory lists the phones and extension numbers in your company. To use the local directory:

STEP 1 Press the Setup button.

STEP 2 Scroll to Directory and press the Select softkey.

STEP 3 Scroll to Local Directory and press the Select softkey.

STEP 4 When the search form appears, you can search for a particular entry by entering the last name, a first name, or both, or you can leave the fields blank.

STEP 5 Optionally, enter the last name, a first name, both names, or leave the fields blank. Click the Submit softkey to search for matching records.

STEP 6 Scroll to an entry and press the Dial softkey to dial the number. Press the Edit Dial softkey to change the number before dialling. Press the Cancel softkey to exit

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