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Answer Calls on Cisco 8851

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Here is the process of answering calls on Cisco 8851:

Answer a Call


When your phone rings, press the flashing line button to answer the call.

Answer Call Waiting

When you are on an active call, you know that a call is waiting when you hear a single beep and see the line button flash.


Step 1

Press the line button.

Step 2

(Optional) If you have more than one call waiting, select an incoming call.

Decline a Call

You can send a ringing call to your voicemail system or to a preset phone number.


Decline a call by performing one of the following actions:

  • Press Decline.
  • If you have multiple incoming calls, highlight the incoming call and press Decline.

Ignore a Call

If you do not want to be disturbed, you can ignore an incoming call. The call goes to voicemail.


Ignore a call by performing one of the following actions:

  • Select Ignore.
  • Press Volume down once to silence the incoming (ringing) call, and then let the incoming call go to your voicemail or to a preset phone number.

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