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Using the Call History Lists on Cisco SPA 303

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To use the Call History lists on Cisco SPA 303, simply do the following:

STEP 1 Press the Setup button.

STEP 2 Scroll to Call History and press the Select soft-key.

STEP 3 Scroll down the Call History list that you want to view:

  • Missed Calls—This function shows the last 60 missed calls.
  • Received Calls—Shows the caller ID of the last 60 answered calls.
  • Placed Calls—Shows the last 60 numbers dialled from your phone.

STEP 4 To call a number in the list, scroll to an entry and press the Dial soft-key to dial the

number. Then press the Edit Dial soft-key to change the number before dialling. Press the Cancel soft-key to exit.

NOTE: If the call was from an outside or a long distance number, you may have to edit the call before dialling it. Press the EditDial soft-key to edit the call and use the soft-key buttons and keypad to edit the number.

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