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Cisco 7821 Phone Connections

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Connect your Cisco IP phone to your LAN with an Ethernet cable to enable full functionality of your Cisco IP phone. If your Ethernet port is equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE), you can power the Cisco IP phone through the LAN port. Do not extend the LAN Ethernet cable outside the building. For your phone to work, it must be connected to the IP telephony network.



1. DC adaptor port (DC48V) (optional).

2. AC-to-DC power supply (optional).

3. AC power wall plug (optional).

4. Network port (10/100 SW) connection. IEEE 802.3af power enabled.

5. Access port (10/100 PC) connection (optional).

6. Auxiliary port (optional).

7. Handset connection.

8. Analog headset connection (optional).

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