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Call Parking on Cisco 7821

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Call parking is the feature name for a way of call management in an office. On Cisco 7821, it allows a business to operate as if there are virtual lines. When a call is answered in the office the agent can “Park” the call by pressing the ‘’park’’ soft-key while on the call. The system parks the call and plays back to the agent the parking lot number that the call is parked on. The agent can then inform a member of staff that there is a call for them on parking lot X and then they may continue with their other tasks. If the call is not picked up by someone within 120 seconds, the call will return to the original extension that first parked the call. A call can be taken from a parking lot by pressing the soft-key for the parking lot e.g. Lot1 – Lot4. It is so simple and can help a business to improve efficiency and provide superior customer service.

NOTE: Parking is not enabled by default. Please request this functionality from NUACOM customer support if you believe it would be of benefit to you.

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