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Answering Calls on Fanvil X3S

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Here is the process of answering calls on Fanvil X3S:

Answer a Call


Option 1. When your phone rings, pick up the handset to answer the call.

Option 2. When your phone rings, press the headset button to answer via the headset.

Option 3. When your phone rings, press the speaker button to answer via the loudspeaker.

Decline a Call

You can reject an incoming call when your phone is ringing.


  • Press Reject softkey, the word "Reject" will appear on the screen when the call is incoming.

Ignore a Call

If you do not want to be disturbed, you can ignore an incoming call. The call goes to voicemail.


  • Press Volume down once to silence the incoming (ringing) call, and then let the incoming call go to your voicemail or to a preset phone number.

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